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    Trimethylamine oxide

    Trimethylamine oxide
    Item: Product Name: Trimethylamine oxide

    Assay: 98%

    Appearance:  Transparent needle-like crystals, the dihydrate, melting point 93 ~ 95 ° C, soluble in water (45.4 g / 100ml), methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, benzene, and its solution is strongly alkaline, and acid form crystalssalt.

    Effect: Trimethylamine oxide as a natural, safe feed additives in animal husbandry has a broad development prospects.   

    1.Promote the proliferation of muscle cells to promote the growth of muscle tissue.
    2.Increas bile volume, reduce fat deposition.
    3.Involved in aquatic animals osmoregulation.  
    4.Stability of protein structure.
    5.Improve feed conversion rate.
    6.Increase lean meat (by reducing the ketone body fat content).
    7.Special flavor and refreshing sweet attractant role.
    Usage & Dosage:
    1.Shrimp, marine fish, eels, turtles, add 1-2kg/ton compound feed.
    2.Freshwater shrimp, freshwater fish: 1-1.5kg/ton compound feed.

    Storage: Sealed save in dry place.
    Shelf Life: 12 months.

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